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Lightroom 4 Preset: Black and White HDR Preset

Make Black and White HDR images in lightroom 4 with a single click

Today’s free lightoom 4 preset from shutter stoppers is Black and white HDR preset for landscape photos. I made this preset especially for landscape shots. This preset works best on landscape shots with rich blue skies. To some of you this preset may not look like a HDR preset. This is because there are different ‘kinds’ of HDR processing. It varies from natural to surreal types. I like natural looking HDR photos. So, incase you want the surrealistic HDR effect in this preset, just boost the clarity slider to the right after applying the preset. That boosts the mid tone contrast int he image and makes the image look more ‘HDR ish’ After I made this preset, I tested it on several photos and it worked well. Like I always say, this may not work on all images you are applying. So don’t blame me if it doesn’t work on your images. This preset will not make bad photos good. It will only make good photos better. To see the actual result, please download this lightroom 4 preset and try it out on your photos.

If you haven’t tried our HDR preset yet, download: Lightroom 4 HDR preset

Below are some examples:

Man sitting on a boat

HDR photo of a man sitting on a boat

an old church and blue sky

black and white preset on old church

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If you don’t know how to install presets in lightroom, read: How to install presets in Lightroom

NOTE: This is a lightroom 4 preset. If you apply this preset in an older version of lightroom, you will not get the result I posted here. Anyhow, if you haven’t upgraded your lightroom to the latest version, I would recommend you to do it now. These preset might give you a good reason for that.

Also: Download lightroom preset subtle green

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