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How to configure photoshop color settings

In one of my posts, I have briefly explained various color models and color spaces. In this post I am showing you how to configure your photoshop color settings.

Read: Understanding color models and color spaces

For optimal color management, you need to configure your photoshop color settings. The photoshop’s default color settings,usually, don’t give good results. Here are the settings we recommend.

Color settings dialog box
Recommended color settings

You can download the csf file from here.
[freebiesub download=””] Here are the steps to load the color settings in photoshop: Download the file, open photoshop color settings and load the csf file that you have downloaded.

Color settings option in photoshop
Step 1. Click ‘Edit’ and click on ‘Color settings’


Load photoshop color settings
Step 2. Click on the ‘Load’button and load the csf file you downloaded

We have checked the options of profile mismatches and missing profiles. If you leave it checked, photoshop will notify if any image doesn’t match with your working space, or doesn’t have any specific color profile etc. However, if you find these notifications annoying, you can uncheck them. But we recommend you to use these settings.


Profile mismatch box
Photoshop will notify you if there is any mismatch in color profiles

Adobe Camera RAW settings

If you are using adobe camera RAW for working on your RAW files, you can select your preferred working space from the Camera RAW window. The image below shows how to change the color settings.

Click on the link to change the color settings


Select your preferred working space

Assigning color profiles to images

You can assign color profiles to your images if it doesn’t have any embedded profile. Some digital cameras capture images in RGB color model, but they do not embed a color profile to the image. In those cases, you can assign a color space to the images. We recommend you to experiment with various color profiles until you find one which makes your image look good. The picture below shows how to assign various color profiles to an image.



Assign a color profile



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