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Essential Photoshop Tutorial for Fashion Photography

Photoshop workflow is inevitable for a fashion photographer. Most of the work is done in photoshop to improve the aesthetics of the fashion photograph. For a beginner or someone who wants to try fashion photography, enhancing the photographs can be a intimidating or confusing. Here you can find some essential photoshop tutorial for your fashion photography.

Have you gone through any fashion magazine of late? Or had a look at the ads of any of the fashion brands on a magazine or in a banner? Don’t they amaze you?

fashion photography -- photoshop tutorial
Credits: Maxpixel

Photographs in fashion magazines often amazes fashion buffs.

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How can they create such amazing effects?

Many amateur photographers must have tried to create the same effects by tweaking their devices, but to no avail.

To be frank, the technique is not in the device only. There is something more that needs to be taken into account. And only then you will be able to understand how such amazing fashion photographs are created.

Most of the fashion photographs are developed in photoshop.

Take a look at these photoshop video tutorials  to make the fashion photos that you click as amazing as those shot by a professional photographer.

Photoshop Tutorial Workflow for Fashion Photography

A Simple Beauty Edit to Start With

Planning to make your fashion photo with the model attractive?

A simple beauty edit is the first thing you need to do while transforming a fashion photo on Photoshop. For this, you should start by adding a solid color to the picture to make the skin tone better. Then use the Curve to play with the light in the picture. You can easily make it darker.

Want to change the shape of a few parts of the model’s face?

Use the dodge tools for that. Using it above the cheek bones gives amazing results. Using the burn tool can make the face of the model even more attractive. Retouch the cheek area with it.

Here is one good video tutorial by Andrea Oprinca on how to do a beauty retouching in Photoshop

Use Black & White, Grainy Picture

Want to add a grainy, black and white touch to your photograph?

It is one of the most used photo editing processes when it comes to fashion photos. This kind of editing goes best with portraits. And if the picture is a bit abstract, then the style flourishes.

Change the color to monotone. Instead of de-saturating it, you can use black and white adjustment layer for this to have the best effects. Then, lower the contrast by using Level adjustment. But make sure that you keep the effects of the shadows by highlighting them using histogram. You should also adjust midtones to get the best effects.

Use the Film Grain effect to make it more attractive. However, you need to convert the film grain to a smart object to make sure that you can edit it later on, or even remove it if necessary. You also need to enhance the picture by using:

  • Noise under Filter
  • Monochromatic and Uniform settings
  • A bit of Gaussian Blur

These are likely to give you the best fashion photo you can even think of.

Here is the video tutorial by kingtuts pro explaining the process

Retouching the skin

While shooting a fashion photo, it is essential to have a model who will showcase the product. And an attractive model will surely enhance the appeal of the ad of a fashion product. So, the basic need for it is that it should appear in the picture that the model has a great skin. But not all models have wonderful skins. But there’s nothing to worry about. Photoshop makes it easy to create an amazing skin tone.

Here is a brief idea about the workflow: You need to use the healing brush to start with. Then it is essential to duplicate the background layer and apply a high pass filter to it. Once you are done with it, Invert the layer from Adjustments under Image and add a Layer Mask. Once you are done with it, you should Paint out different areas of the face of the model in detail. Painting over different parts of the face will make sure that you have perfection in creating the skin of the model.

Video tutorial on skin retouching by Jessica Kobeissi

Keep yourself updated

Photoshop has turned out to be an amazing addition to the world of photographs. There are many tutorials on video sharing websites, such as YouTube and others. Make use of them to sharpen your editing skills with Photoshop. It will come in handy when you try to enhance a fashion photo with a model. An extremely well-edited picture will help to attract the attention of your target audience and thus, drive sales as well through the ads that use the fashion photo.

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