10 Personal Photography Project Ideas For This New Year

It’s New Year now, and everyone is busy making resolutions. I know. But, after a few weeks, we forget about the resolutions we made, and go on with our usual, mundane lives. Do you really want it? I am sure you are reading this because you don’t want it. This year you might want to improve your photography, make it better than how it was last year. There are various ways to do it, but, I think, the easiest and funniest way to do it by starting a personal photography project. It will make you active as well. Some of you might have already made a list of personal photography project ideas by now. Anyway, I am suggesting you some ideas on photography project that you can start this New Year.


Bokeh and fluorescent Bulb
Photo Credits: Tomislav Safundžić

Personal Photography Project Ideas

#1 Random word: It might sound weird, but it works, and it is fun. You pick a random word and see if it is good as a photography project subject. This is one of my favorites among my personal photography projects. Some of the projects in this category I am doing are sleeping, reading, conversations, games etc.

#2 The 100 strangers: You have to take portraits of 100 strangers. It’s tough and quite challenging unless you are a people person. Avoid candid shots. Ask strangers to pose for a moment so that you can take their photograph. It is not only a good project idea, but also helps you in developing good people skills.


An old man

# 3 Project 365: Take a photo every day of the year. Although this is a common photography project, but, if you haven’t tried this out yet, you can have a good experience.

#4 Self portraits: This is fun to do since you are the photographer and the subject. It gets you a lot of photos of yourself. Also, you can go specific about this project: self-portraits in different locations, self-portraits in front of a mirror etc.

Wide angle self portrait
Photo Credits: David Mar Quinto

#5 Get close: If you had given up on macro photography before because you find it difficult, or If you haven’t tried macro photography yet, why not start it as a photography project this year.

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#6 Through the seasons: Capture the essence of seasons starting from this year’s spring!

HDR Photograph of seasons through windows
Photo Credits: Jim Hunt

#7 Night owl: Try some night photography. It is tricky. But once you get the hang of it, you can make beautiful images. At night, your camera can see what you can’t see with your naked eyes. Another interesting thing about night photography is that you are converging time using your camera by doing long exposures. Interesting, isn’t it?

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Long exposure milky way photo
Photo Credits: Scott Smorra

#8 Go wide: Shoot with wide apertures — f2.8 or wider. You don’t have to own any expensive lens for this project. You can use your 50mm f1.8 lens for this. The shallow depth of field from wide apertures gives a new look and feel for your photos.

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Bicycle and shallow depth of field
Photo Credits: Besim Mazhiqi

#9 From the hip: Until now, you might have been taking photos by standing, or, sometimes, by sitting. Change your perspective by shooting from the hip. You will see how a change in perspective affects your photographs.

#10 Windows and doors: There’s nothing to explain about this. You see windows and doors on a daily basis. Shoot various kinds of them.

windows and doors
Photo Credits: Rami Athanasious

Some tips to get the best out of a project

Finding a project idea is one thing, but following it and accomplishing it is another thing. Here are some tips that you might find useful:

Choose the right project for you: Inorder to keep yourself move forward, you need to select a project that you think you can do. I am not saying that you should escape challenges. Let me explain: If you are planning to do underwater photography project, you need specific equipment for the purpose. You can’t use a normal camera for underwater photography unless you don’t care about your camera 🙂 I hope you got my point.

Polar bear standing on Ice berg
Photo Credits: Ian Mears

Set a time frame: When you start a project, you will go on for few days, or even few weeks. But when do you finish it? So you need a time frame. Setting a time frame for your project helps you to accomplish it.

smiling girl and flower field
Photo Credits: Julia Maier

Set an objective: This is important. You don’t want to take some snap shots. These projects should benefit you. Set a goal. Learn a new technique; improve your skills through your project. Having an objective in mind will help you to stay focused throughout the project.

Photo Credits: Pilar Azaña

Share your work while doing the project: I believe that sharing your works with others will help you in getting some inspiration. But, beware, only share it with the right kind of people. Try not to share your work with a cynic if you are a beginner. However, the decision is always yours — you don’t have to share if you don’t want to.

Two kids and shallow depth of field
Photo Credits: firdaus musthafa

Start now!

I hope I gave you enough information and ideas on personal photography projects that you can start this New Year. So do it now!

brown bear bathing
Photo Credits: Tin Man

Let us know your progress. Have fun shooting!


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