40 Beautiful Photos Taken With 50mm Lens

Gallery of photos taken with a 50mm lens

In one of my previous posts, I gave you the reasons why you should buy a 50mm lens. After posting the article, I thought you should see some photographs taken with a 50mm lens so that I can prove my point. So I have collected 40 beautiful photographs that are taken from 50mm lens. I am sure that these photos will blow your mind away, and you will be tempted to buy one.

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Photographs taken with 50mm lens 

Photograph of a volcanic eruption from 50mm lensPhoto Credits: Gunnar Gestur Geirmundsson/500px

Red Lady bug macroPhoto Credits: Megan/500px

Wedding cake and beautiful bokehPhoto Credits: Ton Abraham/500px

Blue chameleon on a treePhoto Credits: Irene Mei/500px

Robber fly close-up

black and white street photographPhoto Credits: Mitsuru Moriguchi/500px

ladakh landscape Photo Credits: Subodh Shetty/500px

Fireworks Photo Credits: Eddie Cheng/500px

Yellow flower in blue backgroundPhoto Credits: Joakim Kraemer/500px

Portrait of a womenPhoto Credits: Vanessa Paxton/500px

on old man sleeping by the windowPhoto Credits: Marco Marotto/500px

Kid and shallow depth of field Photo Credits: GAZ ./500px

Black Ferrari carPhoto Credits: eastandsthlm/500px

Cat and beautiful bokehPhoto Credits: Beauty/500px

Woman reading newspaper in railway station Photo Credits: Alex Greenshpun/500px

Photo Credits: Tetsuya Blues/500px

Vintage toy cars Photo Credits: Maksim Lysyuk/500px

Photo Credits: Benjo Arwas/500px

Umbrellas and seashorePhoto Credits: Kevin Corrado/500px

Closeup portrait of a white catPhoto Credits: Julia Kuzmenko/500px

Photo Credits: Sebastien Manoury/500px

Night photo of nilgiri south Photo Credits: Anton Jankovoy/500px

Street photo of a man walking against movie poster as backdropPhoto Credits: Mitsuru Moriguchi/500px

Reflection of pouting on a mirror Photo Credits: Andrea Hubner/500px

black and white portrait of a girlPhoto Credits: Daria Pitak[/caption]

Paper heart shape and bokehPhoto Credits: Beauty/500px

Man standing in rain with umbrella and reading a bookPhoto Credits: Ryan Pendelton/500px

Action photograph of a cat jumping Photo Credits: Ben Torode/500px

group of penguins Photo Credits: Will Burrard Lucas/500px

Portrait of a woman holding a cup of coffeePhoto Credits: Simone Conti/500px

Photo Credits: Yannick Lefevre/500px

Photo of marina covered in fogPhoto Credits: Daniel Cheong/500px

Sunset in paris Photo Credits: Jinna Van Ringen/500px

man falling down from skateboardPhoto Credits: Kevin Corrado/500px

Black and white nature photograph Photo Credits: Leo Pocksteiner/500px

portrait of a sad girlPhoto Credits: Langlang Jagad/500px

lonely tree in moonlightPhoto Credits: Lothar Adamczyk/500px

vintage toy car and bokehPhoto Credits: Bruce Noronha/500px

Photo Credits: Sarah G./500px

 portrait of a girl earing hat in fieldPhoto Credits: Taylor McCutchan/500px

I am sure you are inspired after going through these photographs! Feel free to share your photographs taken with a 50mm lens.




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Vidhu Soman

Hi, I am Vidhu Soman, Editor of Shutterstoppers. I have been doing photography since 2010, and I co-founded shutterstoppers community in 2012. I love photography, writing, travelling, and reading. If you wish to contact me, send a mail using our contact form.

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  2. Great pic’s…. I have bought the 50mm for taking my baby’s portrait pic’s. It looks like there is more than portraits what 50mm can offer. I have a 55-300mm telephoto lens… I haven’t used it extensively so far. I have a plan to sell it and buy a wide angle lens… is 55-300mm a jewel in a crown?

    1. Hi, Dinesh. The choice of lens depends on how you want to use the lens. A 55-300mm lens can be used to for some decent wild life/bird photography, candid shots, and good for some portraits as well. So, a tele photo lens helps you to get more reach. Thus, you cannot really replace a telephoto lens with a wide angle lens since each of them is meant for completely different things. I would suggest you to use the tele photo lens for some time, and if you find that you are not really into taking wildlife/bird, candid photography, then you can sell. 50mm prime lens is a versatile lens (Read my post on why you should use a 50mm , and is one of my favorite lenses.

      1. Awesome pictures….
        But to take these types of pictures photographers must have a great knowledge in lighting otherwise lens can’t do anything. But form now on i’ll use 50mm for most probably for every photography. Thanks for the article.

  3. hi i am an amatuer photographer looking to buy a 50mm lense for a nikon d5100 do have any suggestions as to which lense is suitable????

    1. Hi Rachit,

      I was in a similar position a month ago 🙂 After many days of extensive research, I decided to go with the Nikkor 50mm 1.4 G. Fantastic, creamy (and very dreamy :)) bokeh, inexplicable image clarity and colors.

  4. Hi Vidhu! I am in the process of buying my first DSLR and am researching lenses so your website is a Godsend. I have read your pieces on 50mm / reverse macro / sample images and I have two questions:
    a) I am looking at the canon 50mm lenses and what would you say is the advantage of choosing a 1.8 v. a 1.4. v a 1.2?

    b) Does it matter? The canon rebel that I am looking at comes with a standard 18-55mm kit lens but it’s so bulky so I’d like a portable all-rounder. Do you think the 40mm would make an equally suitable all rounder? What difference do those 10mm make?

    Thanks in advance for being patient with my beginner questions.

  5. Although the 50mm in an under appreciated lens, I really prefer the 40mm focal length on full frame. That lens is what some people call “just right”. I tend to agree. I sold my 50 after shooting with the 40. The Voigtlander 40/F2 Aspherical is a fast enough lens. Great sharpness, color & contrast with a Leica look to it. I can never go back to the 50mm length.

  6. These are all great shots! I especially like the skater one. I love my 50mm though and eventually I’d like to get a 35 to see what I like more.

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