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5 more tips to improve your photography

In one of the earlier posts, I shared some tips to improve your photography. Here are some more tips I would like to share with you.

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5 more tips to improve your photography

Tip # 1 Practice taking ‘mental pictures’: ‘Taking mental pictures’ is a metaphor for visualization. Practice visualizing a scene will help you to take good photographs. If you are a beginner, you take lots of photos, and while reviewing them in the computer, you might find some good photographs. It is usually a few among hundreds of photographs. Visualization helps you to increase the number of good photographs you take. Here is how you can develop the skill: Go out without a camera, and observe. If you find it difficult, cut out a rectangle in a card board, which will simulate the viewfinder (or LCD) of your camera, and look through that. Another method is to make a rectangle shape using your palms. Practise this method and you will start observing the world as a photographer.

Dragon fly covered in dew
Photo Credits: Ondrej Pakan/500px

Tip #2 Keep it simple: Never keep too many things in frame. Take simple photographs. Simple photographs will help you to convey your message (if there is any) easily. Avoid unwanted elements in your photographs. Frame your photographs in such a way that every element will make some sense in the photograph.

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Black and white photo of  three boats
Photo Credits: Keith Aggett/500px

Tip #3 Change your perspective: When you are out with your camera and you saw a flower. How would you take the photography? Most people just take the photograph from where they are standing. Take photographs from different angles, and see how it is it. Surprisingly, in most of the times, you find all photographs are different, even though the subject is the same.

Unusual angle of man playing cello
Photo Credits: David Alquezar

Tip #4 Be persistent: Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see any improvement in a few days. No one can take great photographs overnight. A change is always gradual. Be persistent and soon you will start taking awesome pictures

Man pulling lumber
Photo Credits: Caras Lonut/500px

Tip #5 Shoot in various focal lengths: Take photos using various focal lengths. For DSLR users this might be difficult to do since they have to own several lenses, which is not economical. Do not stick with using one particular type of lens just because you own only that one.  Borrow lenses from your friends or from local shops and see what kinds of pictures various focal lengths give. Point and shoot cameras offer a range of focal length which makes it easy to try various kinds of photography. Go through all realms of photography — take landscape, macro, street, portrait photographs.


So, are you ready to try these out?

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