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3 Portrait Photography Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Portrait photography and family photography in Brisbane are markets that have a lot of photographers wanting to take advantage of the field. People are always looking to capture memories of their family in any way possible, and photography is still one of the most nostalgic ways available. If you want to become a photographer in this field, you need to make sure that you get everything right in order to stand a chance of being a success. Here we will explore a few tips of what to consider when doing portrait photography.

portrait photo of a man smoking cigar -- Portrait photography tips
Photo Courtesy: Kuster & Wildhaber Photography via flickr

3 Things to consider while doing Portrait Photography

1. Using Window Light is Important

If you are an amateur, the chances are that you do not have a studio that can take advantage of expensive lighting arrangements. Normal lighting is not the best for photography, which means that in-home photography will always look worse than photography in a studio. However, using the natural light through a window is a great solution for portrait photography as the light is subtle rather than vivid. This allows the image to be much more suggestive, something that is often welcomed with portrait photography.

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Photo Credits: Martin Gommel/Flickr

2. Never use Flash for Portraits

The flash on a camera is great for some picture types, but not for up close portrait photography. Unless you have a good lighting setup with flash (or flashes) like softbox, diffuser etc., don’t try to use flash light as the primary source of light. As the flash is often lined up above the lens, you end up with ‘flat light,’ which means that the picture turns out not as good as it could. Some professionals choose to use an external flash solution. However, many professionals think that using no flash and getting the natural lighting right makes for a better picture.

Portrait of a lady -- portrait photography tips
Photo Credits: Dan Foy/Flickr

3. Be Different

The picture of a smiling child waving at the camera is a cliché. In a way, even though they may be the ‘cutest’ pictures too many, once you have seen one you have seen them all, which makes them boring. Try something different with your portrait shots, like introducing spontaneity. Many professional photographers use props to make their portrait photographs stand out from the others. Furthermore, when you introduce props, the person that you are photographing becomes more relaxed, which makes for a better portrait picture.

portrait photo of a kid using a toy camera -- portrait photography tips
Photo Credits: Keiko S. Dowell via 500px

Portrait photography may look easy, but the reality is that there is so much detail involved in a great picture that any photographer will have to study this field for a long time before they have a chance to become established in this market.

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