An introduction to minimalism in photography with stunning examples

Have you heard about minimalism in photography?  When people ask me how to make good photographs, I tell them – “Keep it simple” Yes, keeping it simple works – but why? You take photographs because  you see something interesting in a frame. But you are, usually, unaware of the unwanted elements in the frame. The unwanted elements distract the image by diverting viewers’ attention.

So,What is Minimalism in Photography?

Minimalism in photography, as in any art form, helps to accentuate the main subject by eliminating the unwanted elements. It is usually taken by focusing on a single subject, or  a few elements. A minimalist photograph stands out since it is easy to understand what the photographer wants the viewer to know. It is like a simple sentence; a photograph with too many elements is like a complex sentence. I don’t mean one should take only minimalist photographs; A photograph with several elements in the frame is difficult to compose. If you don’t know how to compose it properly,  it would be messy like a complex sentence with bad punctuation.

Some examples of minimalism in photography

Lonely tree in desert
Photo Credits: Roberto Bertero/1x


Lady standing near a door wearing tank top
Photo Credits: Marcus Bjorkman/1x
Rocket leaving smoke trail behind
Photo Credits: David Virster/500px
snow surfer
Photo Credits: Peter Svoboda/1x
ladybug and bokeh
Photo Credits: BLOADMeven/500px
man walking
Photo Credits: Izidor Gasperlin/1x
two swans swimming
Photo Credits: Edwin Kats/500px
A women near a triangle window
Photo Credits: John Fan/1x
black and white cat and yellow wall
Photo Credits: Marian Gabriel/500px
fruit and window
Photo Credits: Carina Sirbu/1x
man walking on a beach
Photo Credits: Segard Frederic/1x
girl and green chairs
Photo Credits: Marcus Bjorkman/1x
a man walking down the stairs
Photo Credits: Marcus Bjorkman/1x
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