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Top 5 Photography Accessories You Must Have

Eager photographers love nothing better than heading out with their camera in search of that perfect shot. Whether you are into nature photography, portraiture or any other type, there’s a certain thing about photography that makes it really addictive. Many people do it for a living, while plenty of others regard it as a hobby. But whichever camp you fall into, we’ll bet you’re enthusiastic about your equipment! A good quality camera will set you back a fair amount, but it’s well worth the investment. After that rather large purchase you may not have many coins left in the coffers for any extras, but you’ll need to get some accessories. Here’s my list of top 5 photography accessories no serious photographer should be without.

5 Photography Accessories you must have

1. Camera Bag

Camera bag
Photo Courtesy: Peter/Flicr

What is the point of having a state of the art camera if you’re not going to look after it? You need a padded camera bag to transport and carry your pride and joy around. Doing all you can to protect your camera is a very sensible decision. It is possible to get insurance for a camera (and we recommend this) but isn’t it better for it not to get damaged in the first place? Camera bags come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so you are bound to find the perfect one to fit your camera. Get one with plenty of pockets to store lenses and other equipment.

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Photo Courtesy: Flickr

Tripod is one of the common photography accessories. It is a very handy thing indeed. If you are taking any sort of photo that requires the camera to be absolutely still then you’re going to need a sturdy tripod. They are also great for if you want to get in the photo yourself. Just set the camera up, set the timer and run! Tripods fold down into easily-transported sizes so don’t worry about carrying them about.

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3. Batteries

rechargeable camera batteries
Photo Courtesy: Flickr

Well wouldn’t it be just typical that you spot the shot of a lifetime, press the button on your camera and… nothing! Camera batteries go at the most inconvenient times so always make sure you have a back up. There is nothing more frustrating than having a top class camera that won’t work because of something as simple as a flat battery!

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4. Extra Memory

Memory Cards -- photography accessories
Photo Courtesy: Paul Hudson/Flickr

It’s always worth having a spare memory card on you in case you get a bit trigger-happy and fill your usual one up! Then, rather than having to sort through and clear it out on the spot you can just reload the camera with a new memory card and keep snapping. You can sift through them when you get back to a computer.

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5. Lenses

Camera bag and lenses
Photo Courtesy: Flickr

Of course you’ll need some lenses, and I recommend that you always take a standard lens, a zoom, a wide-angle one and perhaps a telephoto lens too. Everybody has their favourites! Make sure they are stored in the bag when not in use.

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Being organised when you are out and about taking photos is very reassuring. You’ll keep your gear safer, you’ll always have spare bits and pieces that you need and most importantly you’re more likely to come home with the shot of a lifetime!

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