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3 Basic Tips For Seascape Long Exposure Photography

In my last post, I discussed about how to shoot the traffic light trails, and its post production workflow. Today, I would like to share some basic tips for seascape long exposure photography. Although most of the readers have some knowledge about shooting the seascape photography in slow shutter speed, you can find some ideas including composing the frame, timing, basic requirements in this tutorial.


Tips for seascape long exposure photography

Tip 1: Use a tripod, an appropriate lens and filters

We have already discussed about what kind of lens and tripod should be used for long exposure photography. I always prefer to use wide angle lens or kit lens to explore them. When we think about filters, it is very much required. Only then, you can avoid the changes during post production.


Suggested Filters: Neutral Density Filter or Polarizing filter.

For seascape long exposure photography, Neutral density filter is the most suitable one to avoid the excess lighting. You can also stack the filters in some cases to bring different effect.

table for long exposure photography

It is not preferred to stack more than 3 filters because spooky colors may be encountered in the frame. But you can correct it during post production.

Tip 2: Prepare the timing

Either the moment before sunrise or the moment after sunset is the most suitable  for this. Moreover, mild wind with little waves is also a wonderful moment to explore because sea water looks very smooth and dreamy in slow shutter.

long exposure seascape photograph

long exposure photography table describing timings

Tip 3: Compose the subject

Subject is one of the most important elements while shooting seascape in slow shutter speed. It can be human being, Rock, etc to add further beauty otherwise it will be very blunt. Combination of Various subjects will enhance the further composition to balance the frame but it should be minimal.

long exposure seascape photograph

I hope you will find this tutorial useful. I would suggest you to follow this before starting seascape long exposure photography. If you have any questions, please drop them as comments.

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