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3 Apps for Famous Photo Sharing Sites

One of the easiest ways to share your photos is by creating galleries and folios. These enable you to gather images together that are relevant to a particular event (e.g an anniversary or a trip), place, time, memory and/or person and categorize them accordingly.

It is useful to have access to these photo albums both online and offline. Uploading them means that you can share them easily with friends and family, and enable opportunities for commenting, tagging, adding and further sharing. Downloading them means you can have constant access, even when you’re not connected to the internet. The following apps are all about sharing photos in efficient and exciting ways.

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3 Apps for famous photo sharing sites

1. FlickFolio

Technical Features

FlickFolio is particularly great for Android, the Nook and the Amazon Kindle Fire. It enables users to create a gallery that can be accessed both offline. One of its most appealing aspects is that it offers the option of automatic download and upload to Flickr, enabling users to access their photos in a new place more or less immediately, even while they’re busy using their device to do other things. It is also possible to conduct a ‘bulk upload’, which means that multiple videos and/or photos can be uploaded simultaneously. Also, the downloads are quite small in size and can sync with your device while it is charging.

Once you have created a gallery, you can add and select favorites, move photos from album to album easily, create slideshows, decide which images you’d like as a wallpaper, share photos via email and social networks (including Facebook and Twitter), share photos by their URLs, delete images, play videos, and organise and embellish photos by adding dates, captions, comments and titles.

The interface is clear and easy-to-use and the app is frequently updated, which means that functions are being added and improved all the time. FlickrFolio is available for download for $2.99.

Users’ Feedback

Many users have praised this app for its suitability to Amazon Kindle Fire. They also state that they’ve found the developer to be responsive and willing to make updates and changes according to users’ recommendations. Most people seem to be impressed with the fact that it enables quick and efficient downloading, as well as multiple uploads, and they enjoy using the interface, which is slick in design and easy to operate. Criticism is very limited – most users who have had problems have subsequently reported that they were able to sort them out quickly by contacting the developer. A couple of issues mentioned include trouble with logging on and off and difficulty in downloading, but these seem to be very much anomalies.


The benefits of FlickFolio include its simple-to-use interface and the fact that its developer is easy to contact. From all reports, he responds to concerns almost immediately and does his best to sort them out. Some of the other pros include automatic downloading and uploading options, and the ease with which users can create albums for sharing, tagging, commenting, organizing and so forth.


Negative criticism has been quite limited. Some users have complained of problems with logging on and off, downloading and uploading, and accessing functions. However, these issues seem to be specific to particular users, rather than applicable to the app in general. One user did comment that the addition of account management would be useful.

2. Blurb App for Blurb

Last month, Samsung Electronics and Blurb announced that they had teamed up to create a new platform, which enables Samsung Galaxy S4 users to print professional quality photos, magazines and books directly from their phones.

This is exciting because it is a new development in digital imaging and printing. Before now, the smartphone did not possess the capacity to print publications with the layout and design required for a professional edge.

The app works via Story Album (which is already installed on the Galaxy S4) and the publications can be generated automatically – users just have to add the content, in terms of images and text.

On launching the app, Eileen Gittins, CEO and Founder of Blurb, stated, “as our lives become increasingly digital, people are genuinely appreciating the value of physical artifacts. By combining the remarkable image quality that the GALAXY S4 offers with the easy production of books and magazines that Blurb brings, everyone gets the best of digital and analogue.”

Established in 2005, Blurb has become one of the world’s most important publishing platforms. It has made the publication process accessible to everyone, through the provision of easy-to-use design, publishing, marketing and selling tools. So far, Blurb has sold more than 6.5 million titles in 70 countries.

Technical Features

The Blurb app enables users to turn recorded images into books that could be sold on the shelves of any main street bookshop. You take the photos, video and/or audio with your phone, using any of your favorite apps (Photoshop, Instagram, Hipstamatic, and so forth), and with a few quick finger movements, you can transform the photos into a book, which you can print directly from your phone.

The app can also be used to produce online photo essays, which you can share via major social networks (such as Facebook and Twitter) and/or Blurb’s site, and/or email it to your favorite contacts.

Online, the app has the capacity for publication of a 10-second video clip, a 30-second audio clip, and up to eight images. There are seven themes available. You can increase this by spending $US1.99, which gives you three thirty-second video clips, a two-minute audio clip and up to 15 photos. It also means an extra eight themes.

Users’ Feedback

Users have made positive comments about the app’s stability and ease of use. They enjoy the fact that slideshows can be printed and/or easily distributed online – Blurb has received good feedback for its website as a vehicle for sharing. When you update a slideshow on your phone, Blurb will update it automatically on their site, avoiding the need to alter URLs.

One criticism is that the text size used for captions is too large, and can tend to conceal images when they’re posted online. Another is that, if you change the aspect ratio of a photo, it is not possible to modify the overall composition accordingly.


The ability to design and print your own book via your phone, without a publisher as a middle man, opens up scope for all kinds of creative projects. Blurb offers help with marketing and sales of publications, too. The app is easy to use, in both print and online versions. Sharing of photo essays and audio files is easy.


Even though the app provides a professional outcome, it does not offer the multitude of editing options that a professional setup does. The caption text size of the online version has been criticized for being too large, and cannot be modified. Also, if you need to change a photo’s aspect ratio, you cannot change the composition to match.

3. PicFolio for Picasa

Technical Features

This app can only be used with photos that are published on Picasa. It provides users with the capacity to create galleries, upload photos efficiently and easily, and download photos quickly. It features a polished, tidy interface, which is not only pleasing to the eye, but also easy to use.

PicFolio for Picasa enables the creation of full screen slideshows, which can be controlled easily – users can select length of delay between the appearance of photos and decide whether or not they want them to be displayed randomly or organised manually.

The ‘multiselect’ function means that users can work with several photos at once – sharing, moving and deleting. Multiple photos can also be uploaded simultaneously, even when you’re using your device to perform other tasks.

Other important features of the app are that it enables the searching of Picasa for photos, the filtering of photos through the use of tags, the creation and deletion of entire albums, and the playing of videos.

Users’ Feedback

Users have stated that PicFolio for Picasa is easy-to-operate and is effective on a variety of devices, including Kindle Fire and a range of tablets. The visual display has received a significant amount of positive feedback. For most users, the app seems to run without any glitches.

Many users are also pleased with the fact that it supports video. However, some have expressed a wish that it could work with videos larger than 100MB.

Some users have said the app would be improved if it enabled direct posting to major social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It is restricted to photos that are in Picasa.


PicFolio for Picasa is simple-to-use and features a well-designed interface. It enables the multiple uploading and downloading of photos, and supports video. On most devices, it runs smoothly and easily. It lets users create galleries both offline and online, and offers a slideshow that can be customised according to the individual’s preferences.


Even though the app supports video, it is limited to those sized 100MB and smaller. Also, it is only useful for photos in Picasa. It does not enable the direct uploading of photos to social networks like Facebook and Twitter – this can only be achieved via a separate process.

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