Fabulous High Magnification Macro Photography by Omid Golzar

We know that, apart from us, there are millions of  living things present in our planet. Since the magnification of our eyes is limited, those little creatures, often, don’t grab our attention. But when you get close, the intricate details present on these insects will blow your mind. High magnification macro photography is getting close beyond the life-size magnification. It reveals the minute details on insects around you.

Omid Golzar

In this post I am showcasing the work of Omid Golzar. He is a macro photographer from Iran. His work is one of the best out there for inspiration. His strong attention to details and colors adds beauty to his images. Interestingly, he doesn’t use any expensive gear for for this. He uses Canon 50D and reverse mount Exakta 28mm f2.8 prime lens. He focus stack the images to extend the depth of field. Below are some of the beautiful shots of insects taken by him.


 macro photograph of an ant


damsel fly head in high magnification


Housefly photo in high magnification Photo Credits: Omid Golzar


Tiger beetle high magnification photographPhoto Credits: Omid Golzar


Black ant and water dropPhoto Credits: Omid Golzar


macro photograph of  a jumping spiderPhoto Credits: Omid Golzar


Jumping spider close-up photographPhoto Credits: Omid Golzar


High magnification macro photograph of a caterpillarPhoto Credits: Omid Golzar


 macro photograph of a beePhoto Credits: Omid Golzar


 jumping spider raising legPhoto Credits: Omid Golzar


Macro photograph of an insect headPhoto Credits: Omid Golzar


High magnification macro photograph of an insect headPhoto Credits: Omid Golzar


dragon fly in dewPhoto Credits: Omid Golzar


orange grass hopper extreme close upPhoto Credits: Omid Golzar


Bug on bee headPhoto Credits: Omid Golzar


Horsefly extreme close-upPhoto Credits: Omid Golzar


dewed houseflyPhoto Credits: Omid Golzar


damsel fly head extreme closeupPhoto Credits: Omid Golzar


Bee hovering near a flowerPhoto Credits: Omid Golzar


High magnification macro photograph of a robberflyPhoto Credits: Omid Golzar


Two eyed spider raising legsPhoto Credits: Omid Golzar


As you can see, a good macro photograph should rich in detail. Macro photography may seem difficult for you to do; but, it is highly rewarding if you put some effort into making the images. It is not the subject that is important, but factors like good lighting, a pleasing background, proper depth of field makes good macro photographs. I am sure that the above images is self explanatory in this regard.

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