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15 beautiful examples of rain photography

Rain is a poetry written by nature. Capturing the essence of rain is an art indeed. Be it a drizzle or a heavy rain, most people prefer to enjoy it under a cozy shelter. But a few dare to drench themselves — head to toe–  just to capture those wonderful moments and moods the rain offers.  Below are some examples of rain photography for your inspiration.



raining in newyork street

new york moment
Photo credits: Denise Sarazin/500px


Tree frog in rain

Photo Credits: Shikeh Goh/1x


rain drops on glass

Photo Credits: blackcoffee@KeisukeIkeda/1x


a girl drenched in rain

Photo Credits: Arseniy Semyonov/500px


a man walking in rain

Photo Credits: Nikolay Nikolov/1x


Heavy raining in one side

Photo Credits: Itay Gal/1x


grasshopper and snail in rain

Photo Credits: Vadim/1x


girl inside car looking outside

Photo Credits: Ismail raja sulbar/1x


pink and red tulips in rain

it’s raining, but not in my heart
Photo Credits: Minh Hoangcong/500px


two boys enjyoing rain

Photo Credits: Aprison Aprison/500px


three birds in rain

Photo Credits: Yasemin Kahraman/1x


couple laughing in rain

caught out
Photo Credits: Owen G/500px


cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) drenched in rain

Cheetahs in rain
Photo Credits: Andy Rouse/500px


boy on top of a tractor enjoying rain

boy in rain
Photo Credits: Focal Point Photography/500px


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Vidhu S

Vidhu S

Editor/co-founder at Shutterstoppers
Vidhu is an enthusiastic photographer from Kerala, India. His desire to share his knowledge and experience on photography was the motivation for creating Shutterstoppers. His dream is to provide a platform for people all around the world to exchange ideas and information on everything related to photography. In addition to photography, he also has a keen interest in traveling, philately and science.
Vidhu S
Vidhu S
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    Excellent Collection! All are amazing! thanks for sharing! Doing a great job!

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