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30 Amazing landscape photographs

Landscape photography is an art; only an artist can arrange the different elements of in nature, without physically moving it, and compose it. A great landscape photograph is the one that shows the essence of the nature. Below are  some amazing landscape photographs.


Sunset with blue and orange hues

Photo Credits: Dubdream/Flickr



Mountain top

Photo Credits: Evan Pratama Ludirdja/1x


desert and mountain

Photo Credits: Marc Adamus/1x


church and light rays

Photo Credits: Matjaz Cater/1x


milky way and flowing water

Photo Credits: Marc Adamus/1x


swan swimming in water at dawn

Photo Credits: Boris Frkovic/500px


palouse falls

Photo Credits: Vadim Dmitriyev/500px


landscape in spring

Photo Credits: Vlad Lazy


Rainbow and storm

Photo Credits: James Puttick/1x


Ice cave

Photo Credits: Marc Adamus/1x


Dry tree and sunsetPhoto Credits:Marc Adamus/1x


Sunset in mountains Photo Credits: Chris Moore/1x


Golden field


early morning landscape


light rays illuminating land

Photo Credits: Javier Acosta


lavender field at sunrise


snow covered landscape


light rays and cliffs


dreamy landscape in sunset


Green forest


sunset in beach


man watching smoke rising


houses near a mountain

Photo credits: Ilaria Massarelli


Autumn season scene


Green aurora over rusty shack


Lighthouse emitting light in all directions

Photo credits: Miles Morgan


lightning above seascape


alps mountains in twilight

Photo Credits: Micheal Breitung


light rays and boat man

Photo Credits: Ayie Permata Sari


Reflections of mountains

Photo Credits: Philippe Sainte – Laudy

Some quick Landscape photography tips

Time of the day: Quality of light is very important for taking good landscape photographs. Photographers shoot in early morning and late evening since the quality of light is good at that time. Shooting in mid-day or during harsh sunlight results washes out colors in the photographs.

Depth of field: Use narrow apertures to ensure proper depth of field. A landscape photograph should be sharp throughout the scene. Use f numbers above f8.

Composition: Use rule of thirds to compose your shots. If the foreground is important, keep it in the bottom 1/3rd of the frame. And if the sky is important, frame it in the top 1/3rd of the frame. Another important composition tip is scaling. Try to keep a human element to show the grandeur of the palace that you are shooting.

If you are a beginner, I hope these tips will get you started.

Do you take landscape photographs? We would love to see your work. Share your work in our Flickr group.

NOTE: All images displayed are protected by copyright. Their reproduction, even in part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.




Vidhu S

Vidhu S

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Vidhu S
Vidhu S
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